About Us

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with you, our client. We endeavor to know and understand your financial situation and provide you with only the highest quality information, services, and products to help you reach your goals.

Our Firm

Affordable Accounting and Tax Services is a family oriented firm. Our experience and expertise is used to help individuals and small businesses reach financial goals. We provide affordable services in a timely manner. We care about our clients and their success. There are many benefits to using our firm for your tax, accounting, and financial needs.


  • Our office is open year round, and we encourage our customers to contact us throughout the year with questions.
  • Having all your personal information for financial and tax services in one location protects your identity. Why have your personal information in various locations when we can service all your financial and tax needs.
  • We provide personal attention to your financial and tax situation. We take the time to ask questions that are designed to help you maximize your financial goals and reduce tax liabilities.
  • We offer a tax organizer, Schedule C spreadsheet, and other forms to help you organize your tax records and aid in the interview process.
  • If you are a new customer and provide us with the previous year’s tax return and information, we will review that return for free. Many times we have found a mistake or something that was overlooked. We can file an amended return if requested.
  • You will see the same experienced tax preparer each year and an Enrolled Agent will review your return.
  • We get to know you as an individual and can provide guidance on decisions that will affect the taxes you pay in the future.
  • We provide professional, timely, confidential services at a very reasonable cost.

Why Have An Enrolled Agent Prepare Your Taxes?

  • An Enrolled Agent (EA) is an individual who has demonstrated technical competence in the field of taxation. EAs are licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department and can represent taxpayers in all 50 states. The Internal Revenue Service is an agency under the U.S. Treasury Department.
  • EAs are knowledgeable about all aspects of the tax code, rules and regulations.
  • Members of the National Association of Enrolled Agents are required to obtain continuing education every year, ensuring continued competence and expertise.

Only Enrolled Agents, attorneys, and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) may represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service at all administrative levels. If for any reason you are called to appear before the IRS, and we prepared your return, we will be able to represent you effectively.

Our Associates

Jane Hoff EA, MSA, NTPI Fellow

Sarah See – Tax Professional

Samantha Simmons – Payroll Manager

Emily Kicker – Accountant

Charlotte Davis – Accountant

Andrea Gros – Accountant